Tom Shinder

Tom Shinder is a Program Manager at Microsoft and has two decades of networking and security experience. He has written dozens of books, thousands of articles, and spoken at large industry conferences on the topics of IT infrastructure, Cloud computing, and cybersecurity. In his free time, Tom enjoys participating in equine prediction markets.

Publishing A Web Site Using ISA Server Part 2

Publishing a web site located on the ISA Server entails some special problems you must address before you begin publishing. By default, IIS wants to use Port 80 to listen for inbound web requests. However, since the ISA Server’s Web Proxy service uses Port 80 to Listen for inbound web requests, you cannot have both the ISA Server and the IIS WWW Service both listening on the same port.

Getting Started with ISA Server

If you are just getting started with ISA Server you might find that its hard to tell where the place is to start. One place you could start is by using the Getting Started Wizard. You can access the Wizard by opening the ISA Management console and clicking the topmost node in the left pane. Be sure that you have Taskpad view enabled by right clicking on an object in the left pane, then going to View and then click on Taskpad.

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