Twain Taylor

My interests lie in DevOps, IoT, and cloud applications. I began my career in tech B2B marketing at Google India, after which I headed marketing for multiple startups. Today, I consult with companies in The Valley on their content marketing initiatives, and write for tech journals.


Top 6 Open Source AI and ML Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing the digital landscape. This article discusses the top 6 open source software that help develop AI solutions. These include TensorFlow, PyTorch, MLflow, NumPy, Keras, and Pandas.

Five Key Areas of Cloud-Native Security that Will Matter in the Upcoming Year

With the increase of Cloud adoption among organizations recently, it’s essential to focus on Cloud security. Cloud security encompasses tools, best practices, and strategies that help avoid attacks and help keep the cloud-native applications secure. Let’s look at some of the critical areas of cloud security that will be important in the upcoming year.

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