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Vmware vs Microsoft: 4-2?

An interesting 'Virtualization market match' is going on between Vmware & Microsoft. And its giving administrators lots of benefits and freebies too! Vmware is aggressively defending its virtualisation patch: Even though it is the undisputed virtualization leader, Vmware, in a brilliant move to preempt Vista, released the free Vmware player: 1-0. Microsoft responded by including the Windows license with virtual machines on Windows Server Enterprise: 1-1. Vmware released GSX server for free (brilliant product, this counts for 2 goals 🙂 ) 3-1. Microsoft responded by giving away its virtualization software for free: 3-2. And the latest news is that Vmware has opened up the Vmware vm format, so that developers can develop for it. 4-2. Will Microsoft make another move, or is it time they acknowledge defeat?

Industry Analyst Report Shows That Network Appliance Leads NAS and Unified Storage Market

Sunnyvale, Calif. – April 17, 2006 — Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that it has extended its position in the NAS and unified storage market. According to Gartner’s report “Market Share: NAS/Unified Storage, Worldwide, 2000-2005,”1 the total NAS and unified storage market grew 16.1% in 20042. NetApp grew more quickly than the market, posting annual revenue growth of 22.4%3. According to Gartner, the company increased its market share from 52.4% in 2004 to 55.2% in 20054.
NetApp leads in both the high-end and midrange parts of the market, with 88.9% market share and 70.5% market share by revenue respectively5. Additionally, NetApp revenue for NAS/Unified Storage Gateways grew faster than the market from 20046.
“With NetApp® unified storage, customers can consolidate, standardize, and centrally manage both SAN and NAS storage to simplify complex IT environments and dramatically reduce total cost of ownership,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Partners at Network Appliance. “By offering storage solutions that maximize our customers’ investments and simultaneously support Fibre Channel SAN, IP SAN (iSCSI), and network-attached storage, NetApp can continue to address changing business needs as storage technologies evolve.”
Full Press Release is accessible on NetApp official website 

Windows on Mac

Public Beta of Boot Camp makes Windows available on Intel based Apple computers (please see official press release and official homepage) .What would Windows on Mac bring to average users and administrators?This is definitely good news for average users as Windows has all these applications that are missing on Mac OS.Another point is that Apple products look more attractive for people.However, it is still under question how well Mac hardware will be supported under Windows. Hopefully, administrators will not end up with users who are unhappy that their beloved and cherished Macs are unable to work with Windows.Time will show… 🙂 Technorati : apple, macintosh, windows : apple, macintosh, windows

Windows 2003\Vista virtualization – Licensing advantages…

Server virtualization has big advantages and more and more companies are deploying virtual servers to more effectively manage their server infrastructure. In fact at we run many of our servers virtualized.

VMware is the de facto ‘standard’ in the virtualization market. Microsoft entered the market in 2004 with a virtualization product, but it was largely inferior to VMware and therefore not so popular. However, recent versions have improved markedly. Interestingly, Vista will include a version of Virtual PC.

Until now you still needed to license the operating system for each virtual machine. And this is the interesting news: Windows server 2003 & Longhorn server enterprise edition will allow you to run up to 4 virtual servers (for 2003/Longhorn enterprise) & unlimited virtual servers (for Long Horn datacenter) without incurring additional operating system licensing costs. That means you can run up to 5 servers on a single piece of hardware & on a single Windows server license (albeit an enterprise edition). The savings can be considerable. Check out this article for more information:

If you haven’t gotten in to server virtualization yet, its time to start thinking about it….

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