William Henderson

Can I convert existing PCs to thin clients?

Yes you can. There is no need to have to buy thin client devices, you can simply convert old (or new) PC's to thin clients. The advantage of doing this is that you will significantly reduce management of these PC's. There are several solutions to convert PC's to thin clients:

GFI LanGuard

Security Scanner & Patch Management Tools Review

Security scanning & patch management is essential to prevent vulnerabilities on your network. Patch management in particular has become a hot topic and I review some of the leading security scanning & patch management tools available today. This review gives you a ‘birds eye’ view of each tool, to give you an idea how they work and what they they’re meant for. I also compare tools so you can decide which would be best for your network.

The Netbus trojan

This article gives background information on the various Netbus trojan versions, what they can do and how you can remove them from your system. It also allows you to download the program in order to analyse what it does.

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