AutoDeFrag lets you schedule defragger built into Windows 2000

Windows 2000 comes with a defragmenter licensed from Executive Software®. Diskeeper 8.0 provides more features than the limited version you get with W2K including defrag for the MFT and page files and set and forget (schedule defrags). I would recommend you upgrade.

Winternals Software has released Defrag Commander NE (Network Edition) which enables you to schedule automatic defragmentation of the Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems throughout your network – all from a single Windows 2000/ NT console. This product leverages the built-in Windows defragmenters that you already own – and includes a powerful, remote defragmenter for Windows NT and 2000- ensuring lower cost, easier use, enhanced security, and simpler support. Unlike competing network defragmentation products, Defrag Commander NE does not require you to install client software for each computer that you wish to defrag. No client software is necessary for Windows 2000 and NT machines, and a simple, no-cost client for Me/ 9x machines can be deployed via login script or Microsoft’s Systems Management Server (SMS).

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