Automate Office 365™ Message Tracking with PROMODAG StoreLog 4

Whilst offering the convenience and scalability of hosted email in the Cloud, Exchange administrators migrating to Office 365 have found that capturing message tracking logs for emails is a non-trivial problem.  First of all the message tracking data kept by the Office 365 system only lasts a few days (not great for time-challenged administrators), you can only query up to 5000 messages per command and the results come in reverse time order per day!  StoreLog 4 solves all these problems and provides a hassle and worry-free remedy to this cumbersome and error-prone archiving task.

Jacques Dagousset, founder and managing director at PROMODAG commented: “StoreLog 4 is an essential step in the Office 365 email migration process.  Cloud services are convenient but once the data is flushed from server logs, it’s gone forever.  StoreLog 4 provides a convenient graphical interface to ensure retrieving messages can be done by data range and above all it is automated and thus reliable.  Data is sorted chronologically and can be retrieved and viewed on a daily basis from both on-premise and Office 365 Exchange servers.”

StoreLog 4 is immediately available and can be downloaded as freeware at PROMODAG’s web-site:

Founded in 1994, PROMODAG is widely recognized as the specialist in providing a comprehensive and versatile range of traffic analysis, message tracking and planning tools that simplify and automate the process of managing email usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing the performance of mission-critical email systems.  Its main product, PROMODAG Reports for Exchange Server is the leader in its category, with thousands of customers (Government, Insurance, Banks, Telecom, Law Firms, High-Tech companies…), several thousands of Exchange Servers, and millions of mailboxes monitored and analyzed worldwide.


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