Automatically Log on and Protect Your Vista Computer

A problem I’ve run into from time to time is that my main workstation at home will reboot itself when I’m out of town. The rebooting isn’t much of a problem, because this is typically related to update Tuesday for updating applications and security configurations. However, it can be a problem because I have applications that run automatically but require that I be logged on for them to run.

I could have someone at home log me on, but often I forget about the problem and the machine has been on for several days without anyone logged on before I discover that no one has been logged on to that machine for days. What would be nice is to have the machine automatically log me on.

However, in order to be secure, the machine should be able to lock the desktop automatically after I’m automatically logged on, so that no one can break into my machine.

So, I needed two solutions:

  1. The machine should be able to log me on automatically
  2. The machine should be able to automatically lock the desktop after my account logs on

Is there a solution? Yes! Check out this article by Greg Schultz for the solution:



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