AWS Raking in the ISVs

Some partners help customers with migration and development. But perhaps the most important partners are those that build products, making AWS a true and broad platform just as Wordperfect and Lotus 1-2-3 made Microsoft Windows a platform.

At the recent sold out AWS re:Invent show in Las Vegas, with over 10,000 attendees, Amazon trotted a bevy of partners who claim they are “all-in” with AWS.

The use of “all-in” might be a bit of a jab at Microsoft which famously said it is “all-in” the cloud.

Today AWS far outstrips Microsoft Azure for partners and market share, but to Microsoft’s credit Azure was the only service that came close to AWS in the latest Gartner public cloud Magic Quadrant.

Six technology partners, Acquia, Emdeon, IMS Health, Informatica, Pegasystems, and Splunk all made the all-in pledge, and declared AWS as the service that drives their own cloud solutions.

Infor previously made the same declaration.

“Leading ISVs want to build on the platform that has the most functionality, innovates the fastest, and is used by customers in every industry with every use case, around the globe,” said Adam Selipsky, Vice President, AWS. “We are seeing a wave of exciting innovation delivered by our ISV partners, and we will continue to expand the breadth of AWS services, and the depth of features within them, so they can continue to deliver solutions and value to their customers that weren’t possible without the cloud.”


Acquia is in the business of helping customers offer state of the art digital experiences. “Acquia’s Platform for digital experience delivery was developed on AWS because AWS’s technology grants us tremendous competitive advantage as we deliver the premier open cloud platform for unifying content, community commerce, and context,” said Acquia’s CEO Tom Erickson. “Acquia is accelerating its product development by leveraging new AWS services and unmatched capabilities, helping organizations compete at the top of their game with integrated digital experiences.”


Healthcare focused payment management vendor Emdeon is currently moving some of its data analytics and transactional services to AWS. “The Healthcare industry is in the middle of transforming from a fee-for-service-oriented system to a more outcomes-oriented and patient-centered system,” said Neil de Crescenzo, President and CEO, Emdeon. “Moving our systems to AWS and developing new innovative software and transaction systems on AWS will accelerate Emdeon’s ability to innovate and provide our payer, provider, and pharmacy customers more value than ever before. The combination of Emdeon’s leading intelligent financial, administrative, and clinical health information network, with AWS’s capabilities allows us to more quickly and more cost-effectively transform healthcare data into actionable insights that improve patient care, administrative processes, and payments.”

IMS Health

Another health care focused concern, IMS Health offers its Nexxus Commercial Application Suite and IMS One Cloud, both of which have been moved to AWS. “AWS provides the unmatched scalability and footprint that helps IMS Health deliver advanced healthcare solutions to our global life science customers,” said Sati Sian, Senior Vice President, Global Technology & Operations, IMS Health. “The Healthcare and Life Science industries are extremely data-intensive; we process the same volume of transactions as the NYSE. By hosting our Nexxus Commercial Application Suite and IMS One on AWS, we help customers drive growth across their businesses through more informed decisions and improved insights all while reducing operational costs.”


Informatica is leveraging an array of AWS services to provide its cloud and integration solutions. “Leveraging the AWS platform, Informatica Cloud provides pre-built data connectivity to multiple AWS Data Services including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), providing customers with a more seamless data integration and data management experience. This will support use cases around test and development, data and application migration, hybrid data warehousing, high availability and disaster recovery, Internet of Things and large scale analytics,” said Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica.


Pegasystems’s business revolves around sales and marketing applications, and like, these apps are uniquely suited to the cloud. Not only can these apps be accessed from nearly any device as long as there’s a connection, the cloud enables multiple users to collaborate in real-time.

Now the company has its complete Pega cloud suite running on AWS.

“Pegasystems has been leveraging AWS since 2009, and it’s been a great platform for enabling our clients to build and deploy robust, enterprise-class Pega applications,” said John Igoe, Pega’s Vice President of Cloud Operations, Security and Technology. “Today, our entire suite of Pega Cloud offerings is built on AWS, including our flagship Pega7 platform and new customer service application. We are running critical production applications securely in Pega Cloud on AWS for many of the world’s largest enterprise and public sector organizations.”


Finally monitoring and analyzing company Splunk not just tracks network traffic, but can also monitor clickstreams and call records. The Splunk services are sold by the hour and accessed from the Amazon EMR console. “AWS provides everything we need to build innovative and enterprise-ready cloud services. We are excited about how Splunk is working with AWS to drive customer success in the cloud. When I speak to our customers today—companies such as Adobe, The Coca-Cola Company, and Intuit—one thing becomes clear: Cloud is transforming the way global enterprises compete, deploy applications and services, and bring solutions to market,” said Godfrey Sullivan, CEO of Splunk.

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