Azure AD App Gallery adds 21 new third party apps

Good news for Azure AD admins. While many of you use a vanilla version with no special software, you may find that your user experience is much better if you leveraged the many third party applications that Microsoft offers.

This is why Microsoft is pleased to announce that with so much utility in these third party apps, you could benefit so much more from Azure AD.

The partners are seen below. You may be familiar with a few.

It’s a nice mix, from apps in HR, business management, collaboration, content management, developer services, facility management, finance, healthcare, productivity, project management, and security.

Human resources

  • FirmPlay, dubbed “employee-led social recruiting,” enables employees to help recruit their peers to work for you. Employee generated content is curated, collected, and shared with prospective talent to find the right people.
  • Patheer Coach is another HR app that helps organizations develop and retain talent, helping executives learn more about their talent landscape to identify high performers and to forecast talent and skill capability gaps to built a solid pipeline of talent.
  • Pingboard is an app that helps you build better organizational charts that are shareable across the organization, where you can learn who’s who and what their responsibilities are.
  • PlanMyLeave is a cloud based HR system to track absence, leave, time off, overtime, and shifts.

Business management

  • Cavintek’s Cflow is a workflow automation software that is easy to use and very versatile. It helps streamline and automate systems, moving organizations away from emails and spreadsheets to business apps and secure communications.
  • Contract Rebates (Xen Computers Limited) manages contractual pricing agreements between indirect customers/wholesalers which validates payment of rebates with financial control and reporting capabilities.
  • Lecorpio is an intellectual property management tool that utilizes a web-based portal for managing the entire IP lifecycle, from disclosure submission through payment of annuities, opposition filings, enforcement actions, arbitration, litigation, license agreements, and then some.


  • Fuze is a unified communications, business VoIP, and communication tool that allows for voice, video, messaging, and content sharing within a single app.
  • MaxxPoint unifies communications with a secure interface, giving administrators visibility across the enterprise.
  • Teamwork Projects is a well-known project management app that keeps all team tasks in one place and works across all environments, from desktop to mobile.
  • Works Mobile Chat Service (link) is a messenger service. It works with WORKS MOBILE and requires an existing subscription.

Content management

  • Azure DocKit is a way to generate technical documentation for your Azure environment in about 5 minutes flat.
  • Evernote is possibly one of those reigning startups that is known in just about every environment, which lets you capture web page information, or just about anything, and then puts it in the cloud to be searchable from anywhere.
  • Inkling offers rich media widgets and interactive learning tools where content can be added and dropped onto a page just like that.

Developer services

  • GitHub is just as known as Evernote, but definitely big in the development and DevOps environments. GitHub is a place to host code, and coders can communicate with each other, with educational opportunities, while also giving users the ability to communicate by providing bug reports and then some.

Facility management

  • ServiceChannel allows facilities managers to manage repair and maintenance requests from a single location, accessible from anywhere.


  • Land Gorilla Client is a cloud-based construction loan management tool and lending solution that streamlines post-closing administrative services to help manage the upcoming pipeline.


  • Cerner Central securely connects IT administrators to manage identity federation and works specifically with the health industry in compliance of HIPAA.
  • Desk Yogi turns your workstation into a wellness solution which helps your overall being. With solutions like fitness, yoga, stress reduction, and nutrition, employees are encouraged to get up and take control of their well-being.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud is yet another well known solution providing software and services for those in the creative space. Familiar tools such as Photoshop and newer tools such as Adobe DX are brought together under this cloud services roof.

Project Management

  • P2ware PPM is a cloud solution for project portfolio management, handling everything from planning to execution.


  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) is a new way to approach VPNs — a more secure way than VPN as it reduces potential attack surface and doesn’t require any hardware infrastructure to operate.

Looks like a pretty good list. Missing something you like? Let Microsoft know here.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock, Microsoft

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