Provide support to remote workers with Azure AD Domain Join & Workspace ONE

Providing support for remote workers in a way that’s both timely and secure isn’t always easy for IT pros. But there is now an option for providing that type of support to remote Windows users.


By enrolling in Azure Active Directory domain using the Windows 10 Getting Started Wizard, remote workers can also enjoy the protection of VMware Workspace ONE enterprise mobility management policies. VMware recently shared more about this feature and what it means for IT pros and organizations.

When you can use Azure AD Join with Workspace ONE

With more and more organizations turning to remote workers, freelancers, interns, and other nontraditional employees, there are plenty of different instances where this combination may come in handy.

Azure AD Join makes Windows 10 management easier than traditional AD Domain Join when you’re working with devices that may not connect to your corporate network or with temporary users — Ben Siler, VMware product manager

For example, you might have a traveling sales rep who needs support on his or her  Windows device directly before meeting with a client. You might have remote freelancers who only need to access your network on occasion, but still need a secure way to access or share corporate resources. Or you might have contractors or temporary workers who simply need short-term access and support, in which case you can utilize the self-service domain join feature of Azure AD.

Benefits of using Azure AD Join with Workspace ONE

When end users enroll in Azure AD Join, you can enjoy the benefits of securely accessing their corporate resources when you need to provide support. So instead of making them bring their devices in for service or resorting to unsecured access, you can provide support for their devices from anywhere without taking that type of risk with your corporate data.

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