Azure DDoS Protection Standard available in preview

Microsoft just announced a preview of Azure DDoS Protection Standard. The service aims to protect Azure applications from the impacts of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with even more features and capabilities than the current Basic plan.

Azure DDoS Protection, which is integrated with Virtual Networks, now comes in two service offerings — Basic and Standard. Basic protection is integrated into the Azure platform and comes at no additional cost. But the Standard service is the new part of this equation, now available for no additional cost while in preview.

There are several interesting new features for organizations to consider. Here are some of them.

Features of Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Like the Basic version, Azure DDoS Protection standard is natively integrated into Azure, including configuration through the Azure Portal and PowerShell when you enable it on a Virtual Network. But it also comes with turn key protection to simplify provisioning, along with additional capabilities like continuous monitoring of application traffic patterns and adaptive tuning that let you define protection limits.

Finally, Azure DDoS Protection Standard comes with rich telemetry that is exposed via Azure Monitor, which includes detailed metrics throughout the duration of a DDoS attack. And when the Standard version goes into general availability, the Cost Protection feature will provide resource credits for scale out during a documented attack. All of this is in addition to the capabilities that are already included in the Azure DDoS Protection Basic plan.

How to use Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Azure DDoS Protection service is available in preview now in the East U.S., West U.S., and West Central U.S. regions. During the preview, there is no cost to use the service and you can register online. Microsoft hasn’t announced what the service will cost when it goes into general availability, but says it “will have a fixed monthly price plus a data processing fee.” You can also share comments and feedback about the service through through Forums, StackOverFlow, or Uservoice.

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