Azure mobile app now generally available for iOS and Android

The new Azure mobile app is generally available for iOS and Android devices, Microsoft has announced. This mobile app is made to offer users the freedom to access and monitor Azure resources from just about anywhere. It also includes a few quick actions that let you actually manage those resources if you can’t get to your main workstation at the time. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important features available with this new app.

Notifications and alerts

If you’re not in a place where you can access your workstation, the app allows you to keep an eye on your most important resources and key metrics charts. You can add the resources that you want to monitor your favorites list within Azure. Then the Favorites tab within the app lets you quickly access those resources across subscriptions, along with metrics for your most critical resources.

The app also gives you an easy way to stay up to date with any Service Health issues. There’s a notifications tab within the app that shows you the latest updates and a history of events. If you so choose, you can even sign up for push notifications within Action Groups on the Azure portal if you want to get real-time updates on your device.

Quick actions

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For issues that come up that might require really simple fixes, the app also gives you a way to take action without having to actually go back to your workstation. You have the options to execute quick actions on your Azure resources right from the app, including restarting your virtual machines or web apps.

Security features

To keep your Azure resources safe while you’re using the Azure mobile app, it includes a number of security features to add another layer of protection in case someone is able to access your mobile device. These features include fingerprint, touch ID, and face ID technology. You can turn on those features in the settings menu of your device.

Cloud Shell integration with Azure mobile app

The Azure mobile app also comes with Cloud Shell integration that lets you execute commands and use saved scripts. Within the app, you can choose your preferred CLI experience between Bash and PowerShell in order to truly control your Azure environment from anywhere.

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