Azure Portal Managed View: Finally, a site for sore eyes

In the past, if you needed to do a more customized view in the Azure Portal, it was able to provide that. But as you went back and forth among the several features/pages of the portal, there was no way to go back to that specific view. That has changed, fortunately, with a recently introduced new functionality to address this issue: Managed View. Azure Portal Managed View is simple but powerful. We can explore this feature on several areas of the Azure Portal, but for now, let’s go to All Resources. When we click on Managed View, we have the option to save the current view, edit columns and browse existing views, and select any existing view.

Azure Portal Managed View

Let’s customize the current view. We will introduce a couple of changes, as follows. First (Item 1), we will configure to show hidden types, we will group them by resource group (Item 2), and we will configure just a few columns (Item 3).

Azure Portal Managed View

If we want to go back to this view in the future, we can now do it easily instead of doing all that clicking next time. Click on Manage View and click on Save current View or Save View as, assign a name and hit OK. From now on, we can click on Manage View and select the view that we have just saved anytime that we need to access it, two clicks away! It is that easy!

If you want to see all the views, click on Managed Views and Browse all views for “<Location>” and a list of all existing views will be displayed, we can use the new blade to remove unnecessary views as well.

As I said at the beginning, Azure Portal Managed View is a simple feature and easy to use. Keep in mind that the view is based on the blade, meaning we will not have all saved views from all locations in a single place. We will have all saved views for all resources, Storage Accounts, and so forth. Also, we customized just a few settings before saving it, but we could’ve played with filters, columns, and more.

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