Trying out the new Microsoft Azure preview features site

Microsoft Azure is dynamic, and new services and functionalities are being added at an incredible pace. If you have time, or you need to find some features to help a current solution, or if you simply you want to be on bleeding edge of what is coming up, you can always subscribe to Azure preview features at Microsoft’s website. Some features require a form to fill out, some of them are available in the portal for all tenants, but if you want to see what is coming up, the Azure preview features site is a good place to start.

As Microsoft notes in its introduction to the Azure features page:

To obtain your feedback, Azure offers the following preview features to you for evaluation purposes. A preview may include preview, beta, or other pre-release features, services, software, or regions. Previews are subject to reduced or different service terms, as set forth in your service agreement and the preview supplemental terms. Previews are made available to you on the condition that you agree to these terms of use, which supplement your agreement governing the use of Azure.

Azure preview features

Azure Portal: Also a place for new Azure preview features

Keep in mind that when navigating to the Azure Portal, you will see a lot of information on using preview features. A good example is when checking out your resources. Just recently, the Azure Portal was offering a preview of a new view: When you click, you automatically start using the new feature.

Azure preview features

In that specific case, we can always go back to use the current default view because there is an option to Leave Preview.

Azure preview features

So, long story short, if you want to check out a new specific service or feature that is coming out or perhaps just check what is out there right now, then head on over to the Azure feature previews website. Or you can see some of what’s in store when you navigate to the Azure Portal.

Either way, you will find new ways to explore Microsoft Azure.

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