New from Microsoft: Azure Security Center onboarding guide

Not sure how to start securing your environment in Azure using Azure Security Center? Well, the Microsoft team released a fantastic Azure Security Center onboarding guide, which can be found here.

The guide is chock-full of great information for beginners, although longtime Azure users will also find it useful. There’s an implementation steps overview and a very helpful acronyms guide, so you can translate the jargon that you will run across. Here’s what it says in the introduction:

This document describes the actions that an organization must take in order to successfully onboard to Azure Security Center (ASC) at scale. Our recommendation is to automate as many of the steps as possible, as this reduces both manual deployment errors and maintenance effort. Before starting, customers should check the Prerequisites section to make sure they can follow all of the steps outlined in the following section.

Keep this guide handy in your Azure toolkit.

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