Azure Security Center Public Preview Packs a Punch

Microsoft has released their Azure Security Center for public preview today. Azure Security Center is a cloud-based security solution that you can use to help secure resources you’re hosting in Microsoft Azure. From what we’ve seen of Azure Security Center so far, it appears that you can do the following things:

  • Create security policies on a per-subscription basis. The security policies are then used to determine if your Azure-based assets are in compliance with those policies. If they’re not, then you’ll get more information on what you can do about it.

  • Provide a System Health Assessment. After you define the security policies, Azure Security Center does a system health assessment and provides a graphical overview of the overall security health of your deployments. You can then drill down to get more details.

  • Get recommendations based on security policies. Based on the security health assessment, Azure Security Center gives you a collection of security recommendations. This is like having a security expert work with you to tell you what you need to do in order to bring your deployment in line with your security policy. Many of the recommendations can even be implemented right within the Azure Security Center console.

  • Receive Security Alerts. Security alerts let you know if there are security issues with your deployment. Alerts are summarized by category for easy visual inspection, and then you can focus in on specific alerts to get more information. For a lot of the alerts, you can mitigate the problem right within the alert. If there is no automatic mitigation, the alert gives you information on what you can do and even provide links where you can get information you need to address the alert.

For more information on Azure Security Center, check out the Azure Security Team Blog and their post Azure Security Center now in Public Preview


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