Azure Service Health offers new health dashboard in Azure portal

Azure Service Health, a new personalized service health dashboard in the Azure portal, is now available in preview, Microsoft just announced. Here’s a bit more from Microsoft about what the program can accomplish and how to use it.

What is Azure Service Health?

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Simply put, Azure Service Health is a new dashboard within the Azure portal that can help you keep track of changes and maintenance that might impact your Azure resources. The program provides guidance and support when issues in Azure services affect you. So if there’s any maintenance scheduled or an issue that’s being worked on, it will let you know.

And it also prepares you for upcoming maintenance and changes that might make an impact on your Azure resources, which should allow you to preemptively make any plans or adjustments that might be necessary to keep everything moving smoothly.

How can you use Azure Service Health?

The program is currently available in preview. To get started, simply go to your Azure dashboard and select the Service Health tile to launch your new Service Health dashboard. Once you’re on the page, the main service issues view will let you know of any ongoing issues in Azure services that are impacting your resources. It will also show when the issue began and the specific regions that are being impacted.

You can also receive updates to see the progress made on solving any pertinent issues. And you can get a link for a specific issue if you need to include it in your problem management system, or download a PDF summary of the issue if you need to share it with people who don’t have access to your Azure system.

You can use filters to see specific types of issues or those that impact certain regions. And you can also use the navigation to see upcoming maintenance or changes as well. You can also create alerts or share issues with team members if you need to keep others in the know.

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