Azureus implements the BitTorrent protocol using java language and comes bundled with many invaluable features for both beginners and advanced users

Azureus has been released on January 11th 2006.

Here is the changelog:

New Features:

  • Core | Added method to XFS specific allocation of new files
  • Core | Added per-torrent max seeds parameter
  • Core | Added per-torrent max peers parameter
  • UI | Total file size added to Open Torrent Window
  • UI | Option to show complete downloads with incomplete “do not download” files in the download area
  • UI | Added custom user comment field
  • UI | Added file extension column in files view
  • UI | Spinners for config field that take numbers
  • UI | Setting for Minimum # of Simultaneous Active Downloads to have running at any given time
  • UI | Console UI NAT test
  • UI | Option to have separate rename and retarget menu items in Files view
  • Plug | Plugins can now create submenus.
  • Plug | Added code to allow plugins to get text input from a user in non-UI specific way.
  • Plug | Plugins now have better support to organise file data within default save directories.
  • Plug | Plugins can now easily add hyperlinks to config sections.


  • Core | Improve the “presence” handling for torrents created by ourselves
  • Core | Less memory footprint
  • Core | Faster startup for large torrent lists (and no naughty plugins)
  • Core | Download up/down idle counts now persisted over restart
  • UI | Open torrent windows now always has OK button enabled with warning message if pressed when in invalid state
  • UI | Remove nag/donation window
  • UI | Differentiate between libTorrent (Rakshasa) and libtorrent (Rasterbar)
  • UI | For multi-file torrents, icon in name column displays icon for largest file (+ a little folder icon)
  • UI | Faster filtering when torrent list is large
  • UI | Better logic when preventing a user deselecting files to download from Open Torrent window

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | If clipboard has just a ” or “” in it the open-torrents dialog won’t open
  • Core | Setting of UDP port not working
  • Core | Less flipping of downloads from queued <–> downloading during the time a FP seed is forced active
  • Core | Fix memory leak causing slow, but eventual OOM and slow down of Azureus
  • Core | OSX: Handle volume not mounted on startup by erroring instead of creating a directory in /Volumes
  • Core | Fix to stop already complete downloads being moved by “move-on-completion” rules
  • UI | Fix (some) painting issues in pieces+files view
  • UI | Fix to allow negative values for Multi-monitor window positions
  • UI | Fixed memory leak in “Mr Slidey” code
  • UI | Fix UI loss when clicking delete from icon bar while in Details view
  • Plug | Fixed bug where some listeners for table columns were not registered properly.

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