B2B collaboration features coming to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft just announced new B2B collaboration features in Microsoft Teams. These features include guest access in Microsoft Teams, meaning B2B partners can now collaborate across chat, apps, file sharing, and more. Here’s some more information from Microsoft about what benefits the new B2B collaboration features offer to organizations.

Team and partner collaboration

B2B collaboration in Microsoft Teams

The most obvious way this new feature can benefit organizations is by allowing team members and outside partners to all collaborate within one environment. So you can now add Office 365 commercial or education customers to your team or project, even if they aren’t signed up under your organization. Businesses that work on client projects and want the ability to collaborate with clients right within Microsoft Teams can do that. And organizations that hire contractors or work on collaborative projects with other organizations can also use guest access to accomplish this goal.

Enterprise-grade security

Additionally, this new feature allows for organizations to maintain the same level of enterprise-grade security they’ve come to expect with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Users can add and securely manage guest accounts in Azure AD through Azure AD B2B Collaboration. You can set conditional access policies for guest users. Azure AD can also detect anomalies and suspicious incidents so you can step in and take appropriate action if necessary.

IT management

On the IT side, the feature allows IT pros who work with outside organizations to communicate using Microsoft Teams. Anyone with an Azure AD account can be invited as a guest user by any organization. So you can use it to centrally manage how guests participate within their Office 365 environment. IT admins can quickly and easily view and edit details for users, making the process a lot easier both for IT pros and the organizations and the end users they work with.

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