Solved! Backup Vault ‘cannot be deleted’ error in Azure Recovery Services

In our cloud-centric world, it is important to keep your environment clean and resources not in use should be removed. This practice helps to keep costs down. But sometimes things go wrong in trying to follow this practice. Case-in-point: An error that I got this weekend during the deletion of an Azure Recovery Services Backup Vault.

It makes sense to remove all protected data from the Vault before trying to delete it. But there was no protected data or agents connected to the Backup Vault, however, when I got the following message: “Vault cannot be deleted as there are existing resources within the vault. Please ensure there are no backup items, protected servers or backup management servers associated with this vault. Unregister the following containers associated with this vault before proceeding for deletion: techgenix. Unregister all containers from the vault and then retry to delete vault.”

backup vault

The clue was there: It was something on techgenix that is a Storage Account. But looking at the Backup Vault and Storage Account I couldn’t find any reference at first sight. The error message on the notification is being displayed below.

backup vault

Looking more closely, we found where the Storage Account was registered. If you are getting the same error, check under Backup Infrastructure / Storage Accounts.

backup vault

A list of all Storage Accounts registered in the current Backup Vault will be listed. Click on and then Unregister.

backup vault

After that, I could finally remove the Backup Vault. In the image below, you can see that the error is gone. To confirm the deletion, we need to type in the Storage Account name.

backup vault
Well, hopefully, this is one annoying error we will not see again!

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