Backup Microsoft Proxy Server Configuration

Microsoft’s Proxy Server has a niffty feature which can save you a tremendous
hassle if your server goes belly up. You can have it backup its configuration
files which can be used to reconfigure during a reinstall. It will save you
hours. The text file will store backup information for WinSock Proxy, Web Proxy,
and Socks Proxy. To generate the proxy backup text file:

  • Get into the Microsoft Management Console
  • In Internet Information Server, right click on Winsock Proxy
  • Select Properties to display the WinSock Proxy Service Properties dialog box

  • Select Service tab and click Server Backup. This same tab has Server Restore
  • In the Backup dialog, enter the directory to store the backup file. The file
    name will be generated in that directory and will have names in the form
The backup file is a simple text file which
can be viewed with Notepad. Print it out. Store it on a floppy in addition to
the backup directory. Backups can be taken with the server UP.

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