Backup the Windows NT Registry

  • ntbackup.exe
    Run Windows NT’s built in tape
    backup program and select the Backup Local Registry check box in the Backup
    Information dialog. NTBackup can not back up or restore the registry of a remote
    computer – only the local system.

  • rdisk.exe
    Rdisk copies critical portions of
    these files for recovery purposes to %systemroot%\repair. Rdisk must be run with
    the /s parameter to include security and sam data. On the Repair Disk Utility
    screen be sure to click on the Update Repair InfoCreate Repair Disk or again you
    will have a repair disk without current security and sam data.

  • regback and regrest
    The NT Resource Kit
    utilites, regback and regrest, can be used to backup and restore the hive files
    for hkey_local_machine or hkey_current_user.
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