Battery charger can infect computers with a Trojan

It seems as if just about every electronic product we buy these days comes with a software CD/DVD. Sometimes it’s no more than a digital version of the product manual – paper manuals are quickly disappearing from the packages, although prices don’t seem to be coming down to reflect the savings of not printing and binding them – and other times, the software is vital to making the product work. Often, it adds some sort of functionality.

But beware: Before you pop that disc into your drive, you need to be aware that these included programs aren’t always safe. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), the software that comes with a USB battery charger made by Energizer contains malicious code that can provide an attack with complete access to Windows PCs.

The software in question is supposed to show you the progress of your battery charging, but once you install it, the Trojan runs whether or not the charger is connected. Read more here:

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