Beginners Guide to Troubleshooting UAG DirectAccess

image When you start testing UAG DirectAccess, it’s likely that it’s not going to work the first time. This is due to the number of steps you need to carry out, and with an increasing number of steps, the chance of making a typo here, clicking the wrong option there, and missing a checkbox over there, is just too easy. The good news is that as you get more familiar with the DirectAccess, you’ll understand the reasons for why you’re carrying out each step and it gets less and less likely that you’ll make a mistake.

But even after you become a DirectAccess Pro, there is always a chance that a mistake can be made – and that mistake might not even be something that you have control over. So you need to be able to troubleshoot the solution and find out where the problems lie.

In his blog post made on the UAG Team blog, Pat Telford provides a nice, short step by step process that you can use to troubleshoot UAG DirectAccess connectivity issues.

Check out Pat’s great article over at:



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