BES 12 Server Pooling now available on GSX v10.11

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mobile devices2 resized 600We are glad to announce the general availability of the new GSX Monitor & Analyzer, which includes support for BES 12 high availability.
Mobility—combined with the phenomena of BYOD and cloud computing—is transforming business and our industry, letting people work remotely from wherever they want. According to market research Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Enterprise Mobility Market will reach $284.70 Billion by 2019.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer, combined with the strategic alliance with BlackBerry, will build on our momentum in bringing the high availability and performance of any BES 12 deployment to our clients globally while leveraging BlackBerry’s leadership in managing mobility for the secured enterprise.
This release provides proactive, end-to-end management of BES as an integral part of the overall enterprise messaging and collaboration.

New GSX Monitor & Analyzer features for BES12 include:    

  • Support for high availability on BES12 monitoring
  • Support for high availability, including server pooling,    
  • Verification on the availability of Active Sync, SQL database and SRP connections,
  • Ability to generate reports, trends and forecasts about these components on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Bringing more monitoring capabilities to BES customers enables administrators and IT managers to ensure the performance and availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Servers by allowing issues to be quickly identified before they impact the end-users. Communication issues can be identified between user devices and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server as connectivity is tested at every point, ensuring that BlackBerry services are actually provided to end-users.

Below are some scenarios that GSX Monitor & Analyzer processes to check the end-user experience:

  • Active Sync end-point connectivity availability,  
  • End-to-end Active Sync scenarios from end-users to servers with user synchronization,
  • Sending email,
  • Opening folders.

bes 12 cluster trend report   users and devices resized 600
This new deployment is in direct line with GSX’s global approach of seamlessly integrating with BlackBerry.  As Peter Ng said, “Mobile devices have evolved to become a primary conduit of enterprise data access. As a result, the performance of the mobile infrastructure is critical for both end-users and management. With this alliance, BlackBerry is able to deliver real-time monitoring of BES12, allowing our customers to be confident in their service’s uptime delivery.”

For additional information on BES Monitoring Solutions, please follow the links below:

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