Best Practice Guide: Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware

Best Practice Guide: Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware is a technical whitepaper available to download, sponsored by VMWare.

E-mail has become one of the most critical applications in an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Organizations increasingly rely on messaging tools for individual and organizational effectiveness.

Microsoft® Exchange is the most widely used email system in the world, it has many advantages but there are also shortcomings such as:

  • hardware platform dependence,
  • under-utilization of server computing resources,
  • lack of flexibility to respond to changing workloads,
  • and the heavy costs associated with maintaining disaster recovery, test, and development environments

The architectural improvements in Exchange Server 2010 cannot fully address these limitations. The ideal platform for Exchange would:

  • adapt easily to changing workloads,
  • provide flexibility to accommodate changing demands on an organisation’s IT infrastructure,
  • remain reliable,
  • resilient despite system outages and
  • improve both staff and infrastructure hardware effectiveness.

A new operational platform can accomplish these goals.
This extensive guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying Exchange Server 2010 on VmWare vSphere

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