A better way to collect logs from your Exchange servers

Do you dislike having to collect diagnostics logs manually from each server in order to troubleshoot an issue or establish a server performance baseline? Did it ever happen to you that you collected the logs, but then found out that you needed more logs from the time the issue was happening, but when you went back to try to collect the needed logs – you found out that they have been over-written?

I have been working on a script that allows you to collect all the Exchange logs that you need and copies them over to a different location. The script can even zip up all the files for you so all you have to do is run it on each server and upload the data once it is done. By default, the script will only collect your App/Sys logs from the server, as we want to specify through switches (please see the download page for a list of them all) what data we want to collect so we are able to collect only the relevant data needed for the issue at hand. If you don’t know which logs you need, you can just use the switch AllPossibleLogs and it will collect everything that you need based off the version of Exchange and the role(s) that you have on the server.

Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2015/04/20/a-better-way-to-collect-logs-from-your-exchange-servers.aspx

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