Blackberry Muffins

I have been trying out a Blackberry for the last few days. One of my customers, Virocom, gave me a free account for a couple of weeks to try it out. In-fact, they are a customer and a Partner too. I support their network. They sell communications: any internet connection, BlackBerry accounts, mobile communications, PBX and phone lines etc.

Sounds nice, but in fact they gave me two handsets! So I have wasted another couple of days on BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), integratng with my Exchange Server and generally playing. So expect an announcement of Support Services for BES very soon!

I gotta say, this was like entering a new World for me. Almost on a par with trying-out Linux. However, what this has reinforced to me is that you do not need to be constantly monitoring email. Email is not and should not be seen like IM. If you need an instant reply, get them on IM or on the phone.

A year ago or so, I started answering emails in batches, instead of instantly. I had notced that I started breaking off from money earning work to reply to non-urgent emails. It’s called time management. All said, I still have to check every email as soon as it arrives.

Note to Mobile Operator – I’d like a new Windows Mobile 5 device with direct push to check out. I keep getting given Mobile 5 devices without the Messaging and Security Feature Pack. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the free phone thing, but it’s like being given a Ferrari for the weekend that’s limited at 60mph. :

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