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Written by David Davis, VCP, the intention of this blog is to share with readers the most relevant and important information, news, tips and tweaks for all aspects of Virtualization, focusing on Microsoft Hyper-V. VMware, and Citrix. We will discuss topics such as high availability, migration, performance, recovery, product add-ons, and more. We will also cover practical information to help with administration and management of your virtualization infrastructure.

VIDEO: Connecting VMware vSphere to Iomega iSCSI Storage

Checkout my latest video on how to use the Iomega Ix4-200D with VMware vSphere and iSCSI. In this video you'll learn:

Overview of the Iomega NAS/SAN Product Line
How to enable iSCSI in the Iomega StorCenter
How to enable iSCSI in vSphere and connect to the SAN
How to format the new iSCSI disk with VMFS
How to migrate a running VM to the Iomega SAN with SVMotion

Click the video window below to watch. Enjoy!

3 VIDEOS: vExpert Panel, Scott Davis and Mike DePetrillo of VMware

In June I was at the Charlotte, NC Regional VMware User group (VMUG). This was the larges VMware user group that I had ever been to with 800 people. I recorded 3 sessions there and have created videos of all three. They are:

vExpert Panel with Chad Sakac of EMC, Mike Laverick of RTFM-ed.co.uk, Scott Lowe of EMC, and Vaughn Stewart of NetApp. The panel was moderated by Rich Brambley of Veeam, VirtuMania, and VMetc.com.
Scott Davis, Desktop CTO at VMware who gave the keynote on desktop and application virtualization.
Mike DePetrillo of VMware who is their Cloud computing evangelist and who spoke on that topic.




Spiceworks Adds Free Virtualization Management Capabilities to IT Management Software

Spiceworks IT Desktop Version 4.6 Provides More Granular Management Control of Desktops and Servers for 900,000 IT Professionals WorldwideAUSTIN, Texas – March 24, 2010 – Spiceworks™, Inc. today announced the release of a new version of its free IT management software that includes features designed to help IT professionals better manage their computers, networked devices and software. The latest additions include the ability to remotely inventory and monitor virtualized machines and manage server and desktop processes. These and other capabilities of the Spiceworks IT Desktop are designed to better support the added complexity that new technologies and services bring to the networks of small and medium businesses. Version 4.6 of the Spiceworks IT Desktop is now available for download at http://www.spiceworks.com.

“Almost half of all small and medium businesses use virtualization technology, and that number is only expected to grow in the coming year,” said Scott Abel, co-founder and CEO of Spiceworks. “We’re helping to support this trend by giving IT pros the ability to manage virtualized machines free of charge, while providing them with the other IT tools they need to manage their networks and do their jobs.”

Spiceworks is enabling ‘Social IT’ by combining systems and network management software with a rapidly growing and active Facebook-like community of IT professionals. Organizations of all sizes use the free Spiceworks IT Desktop software and integrated online community to collaborate with each other and support the management of their IT networ

VMware ThinApp 4.5 is released!

Have you heard that VMware has released a new version of their application virtualization solution, ThinApp? As you probably know, I created a video training course that covers ThinApp so I am very excited to checkout the new features. Fortunately, VMware has a new blog post that covers all the new features including RELINK and Windows 7 compatibility. Read the full VMware blog post at- VMware ThinApp 4.5 is released!

Free Virtualization Tools

Everyone loves free virtualization tools, right? Here at VirtualizationAdmin.com, we have started a new list of Free Virtualization Tools and, so far, we are up to 18 tools on the list. These tools are from repuatible companies like Vizioncore, Veeam, and Solarwinds.

Checkout our list of free virtualization tools at this link

Xangati provides “video-like” network visibility

Xangati recently released a VMware vSphere appliance that provides "video-like" visibility to your virtual network. Offered with a 14-day free trial, this appliance is able to view all traffic crossing your virtual network and allow you to monitor that traffic through sleek interface. Similar to a DVR that you would use to pause and rewind your TV shows, Xangati for ESX is able to offer the same "rewind feature" for your VMware infrastructure. The appliance understands the network traffic at the appliance level and shows you what VMs are talking to what. I believe that with Xangati for ESX and the visibility it provides, you can save a lot of time managing your virtual infrastructure network issues.

Download the free 14 days Xangati for ESX here.

What are VMware vApps?

Cody Bunch over at ProfessionalVMware.com has a great post on VMware vApps, which is part of the VCP objectives. In my new video, I cover similar concepts such as what a vApp is, how they can help you, and the basics of how to use one. Enjoy!

VCP & VCDX “Brownbag” live online study sessions

Interested in VMware certification like the VCP and VCDX? vExperts Cody Bunch (of professionalvmware.com) and Tom Howarth (of planetvm.net) are offering a FREE new VCP and VCDX online / live study session of the VMware VCP and VCDX. You can either join into a session live or listen to recorded study whenever you want. Trust me, when going for one of these sessions will help you tremendously. To sign up for a future session or listen to past sessions, just visit: Professional VMware VCDX/VCP Brownbag.

You have to listen to Virtumania!

Rich Brambley (@RBrambley) and crew from the new Virtuamania podcast are both educational and entertaining! This new podcast covers everything that you need to know about virtualization, storage, and servers. Rich has a real talent for making this stuff COOL and FUN, all at the same time (something not easy to do).
Listen to the Virtumania Podcast here!

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