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What are VMware vApps?

Cody Bunch over at has a great post on VMware vApps, which is part of the VCP objectives. In my new video, I cover similar concepts such as what a vApp is, how they can help you, and the basics of how to use one. Enjoy!

VCP & VCDX “Brownbag” live online study sessions

Interested in VMware certification like the VCP and VCDX? vExperts Cody Bunch (of and Tom Howarth (of are offering a FREE new VCP and VCDX online / live study session of the VMware VCP and VCDX. You can either join into a session live or listen to recorded study whenever you want. Trust me, when going for one of these sessions will help you tremendously. To sign up for a future session or listen to past sessions, just visit: Professional VMware VCDX/VCP Brownbag.

You have to listen to Virtumania!

Rich Brambley (@RBrambley) and crew from the new Virtuamania podcast are both educational and entertaining! This new podcast covers everything that you need to know about virtualization, storage, and servers. Rich has a real talent for making this stuff COOL and FUN, all at the same time (something not easy to do).
Listen to the Virtumania Podcast here!

5 things you need to know about VMware vSphere Alarms

Have you seen my new article 5 things you need to know about VMware vSphere Alarms? The proper setup of alarms in vSphere is crucial so that you are notified when there is about to be an issue with your virtual infrastructure (and hopefully not when issues have already occurred). I cover the hierarchy of alarms, where to configure them, the different types, and more.

Read the full post at 5 things you need to know about VMware vSphere Alarms

Charles Windom’s new book

I recently talked with Charles Windom of VMware and he mentioned that he has a new vSphere book coming out which covers how to virtualize Microsoft Tier-1 Applications using vSphere. I think that this is a very important topic so I pre-ordered my copy. I hope that you will take a look! (just click on the graphic below)

UniPrint Version 7.0 Simplifies Network Printing in Virtual Desktop Environment

Here is a cool press release from UniPrint related to virtual desktops / VDI:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 9, 2010 – UniPrint (, the innovative leader in printing virtualization for server-centric environments, today launched UniPrint Version 7.0.  Incorporating an enhanced printer driver, UniPrint Version 7.0 significantly improves overall printing quality, speed, manageability and security for Windows and Mac users working in a 32- or 64-bit physical or virtual desktop environment.
Introducing a completely redesigned central management console, UniPrint Version 7.0 makes it easier than ever before to manage every aspect of printing in any network environment.  This includes centralizing the time-consuming task of managing server licenses – a feature particularly important in virtualized environments where licensing is complicated by the fact that servers go online and offline on demand.  With the new management console, system administrators can utilize any machine that has a UniPrint component installed to apply a single license file on the designated license server, and also monitor license usage in real time from any remote location.
“Recognized as an innovative leader in network printing for eliminating the two major obstacles – printer driver incompatibility and bandwidth consumption – UniPrint now launches UniPrint Version 7.0 to further enhance printing speed, quality and security for any enterprise computing environment,” explained Arron Fu, Vice President, Software Development at UniPrint.  “We believe the printing

Microsoft changes the game for VDI

Microsoft made several key announcements in conjunction with Citrix surrounding VDI and opening the door for more people. Some of the announcements included: New VDI promotions available for qualified customers to choose from today. Microsoft and Citrix Systems are offering the "Rescue for VMware VDI" promotion, which allows VMware View customers to trade in up to 500 licenses at no additional cost, and the "VDI Kick Start" promotion, which offers new customers a more than 50 percent discount off the estimated retail price. Eligibility and other details on the two promotions can be found at Improved licensing model for virtual Windows desktop. Beginning July 1, 2010, Windows Client Software Assurance customers will no longer have to buy a separate license to access their Windows operating system in a VDI environment, as virtual desktop access rights now will be a Software Assurance benefit. New roaming use rights improve flexibility. Beginning July 1, 2010, Windows Client Software Assurance and new Virtual Desktop Access license customers will have the right to access their virtual Windows desktop and their Microsoft Office applications hosted on VDI technology on secondary, non-corporate network devices, such as home PCs and kiosks. Windows XP Mode no longer requires hardware virtualization technology. This change simplifies the experience by making virtualization more accessible to many more PCs for small and midsize businesses wanting to migrate to Windows 7 Professional or higher editions, while still running Windows XP-based product

Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Hour

Looking at Desktop Virtualization including VDI? Thinking about Windows 7 migration; Want savings, but wondering about ROI? Microsoft is leading a "Desktop Virtualization Hour" on March 18 at 9:00 AM PST. Be sure to check it out as I'm sure some cool new announcements will be made concerning Microsoft's VDI suite of products. Continue at source… Technorati : Microsoft, VDI : Microsoft, VDI

VIDEO: This Week in Virtualization with David Davis

This week, I was the guest on a new weekly virtualization podcast called This Week in Virtualization. In this episode, we talked about the next version of vSphere and its features – to be released at an unspecified date. You can watch on a webpage or you can subscribe to an iTunes RSS feed and watch in iTunes or on your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. Click on the video below to bring up the webpage to watch:

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