BlueSave writes NTs BSOD screen dump to text file

Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell at have released
freeware utility BlueSave
that automatically saves the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) dump screen to a text
file. Useful to Windows NT admin.

When your system crashes, you will see a message
on the Blue Screen indicating that BlueSave has written the screen contents to a
file. The file, which you can examine after the system reboots, is located at
\WINNT\BLUESCRN.TXT (or your equivalent System Root directory). The file is only
8KB in size. If you get a One or more services failed to
error during a boot and the System event log shows that BlueSave
indicates that a device is off-line, simply run the RegSetup utility that is
installed in the BlueSave program group. After it has run reboot and BlueSave
will be activated again.
This is a trial limited version of
their commerical production product.

An alternative is Blue Screen Administration for Windows NT and 2000
offers you the chance to administer your Windows NT
and Windows 2000 after a Blue Screen and fix boot errors or save data from
defunct volumes. You can boot NT/2000 from disk and so gain access to systems
whose passwords have been forgotten.

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