Book Reviews can be Scary!

I regularly keep an eye on Amazon in order to keep up with any reviews of my Exchange Server 2007 book. Currently two individuals chose to review it. The first is quite good (5 stars), but the second is pretty bad (2 stars). I think it’s perfectly fine if an individual rates my book with two stars, but please use valid arguments Mr. Art Anderson, honestly I think your arguments are pretty vague to say the least. First you mention that I’m not an expert in my area (fair enough that’s up to a persons individual decision), but then you continue on and says that the book doesn’t cover an upgrade (aka transitioning from Exchange 2003/2000 to Exchange 2007). Well I for sure don’t hope you fell asleep while reading the book, because it seems like he never reached chapter 10…

To everyone who read it, would you please spend 5 minutes on a review here

Of course only a good one… 😉

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