BPOS–S to Office 365 Transition

The BPOS–S to Office 365 Transition guide has been made available to download.

The Microsoft BPOS–S to Office 365 Transition Guide for Enterprises is intended to help you understand the requirements and work streams for transitioning your organization from Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS–S) to Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises, using the automated Microsoft transition process. This transition of your production tenant moves user data and settings to their functional equivalents in Office 365, while maintaining service to your users throughout the change.

As an enterprise IT administrator running a BPOS–S tenant (e.g., over 1000 users), you should understand that there are multiple work streams required in your organization in order to smoothly achieve transition. The more sophisticated your IT systems are, the more work will be required to confidently complete the work streams. This document is designed to help you determine and plan the work streams necessary in transition strategy.

This document is offered as a complement to existing information sources and does not replace the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises (MODG), or the Office 365 Service Descriptions that are already published.

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