BranchCache and TMG Interoperability

image “…There are two main scenarios for the interoperability of Forefront TMG and BranchCache:

Branch administrators who want to consolidate multiple networking, access, protection, and caching solutions, on a single host, can deploy Forefront TMG and BranchCache together:

  • Forefront TMG provides for the caching of Internet traffic from direct Internet access or an upstream Forefront TMG Proxy located at headquarters.
  • BranchCache provides for the caching of line-of-business HTTP/1.1, HTTPS/1.1, BITS, SMB2.1 (including SMB 2.1 signing) applications – even when used with IPsec.

Forefront TMG also provides:

  • Secure web-access via anti-malware, URL filtering and HTTPS inspection.
  • Firewall and Network Inspection System (NIS).
  • Reverse proxy (web-publishing) of web-applications at the branch.
  • Site-to-site VPN.
  • Roaming-user VPN…”

For the details on TMG and BranchCache interoperability, head on over to



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