Breaking news! VMware starts August 30

OK… so this isn’t really breaking news, but it is big news for anyone and everyone that’s a part of the virtualization world. Although there are more vendors than just VMware out there, VMware remains by far the best known and most widely used solution. This year’s theme is “Virtual Roads. Actual Clouds.” VMware has not made it a secret that the company intends to be the winner in everything cloud and virtual, so I’m expecting this to be an amazing show.

Although I’ll be attending representing Westminster College, I’m also looking very forward to greeting my friends and colleagues at Train Signal and other people I’ve met, including Stephen Foskett and other people I met at Gestalt IT’s Boston Tech Field Day.

Throughout the event, I’ll also be updating this blog with information about new and exciting things I’ve learned at the conference. Were you hoping to attend the conference but you weren’t able to do so? Leave a comment on this blog posting with questions you’d like to me to ask or vendors you think I should visit and why. If possible, I’ll report back with answers and information.

I hope to see some of you at the event!

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