Bromium Releases vSentry LAVA

After Simon Crosby (one of the original founders of Xen) left Citrix, he started a new company called Bromium that would tackle desktop security in a new way. Gabe Knuth explains Bromium’s vSentry approach as isolating “the applications (and each of their individual threads) that need to communicate with the outside world from each other and the host OS by running them in a micro-VM, also called Microkernel Virtualization. Doing so means that any threat is not only contained within a micro-VM, but is also destroyed the moment that thread or application is closed. This is all done with no interaction from the user, and in most cases they are completely unaware that any sort of trickery is going on behind the scenes.”

Bromium has also released LAVA – Live Attack Visualization and Analysis. LAVA can watch and log how malware acts, even going so far as to let a malware process finish so that it can record exactly what is happening.

This is a radically new approach to desktop security and is a real game changer!

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