Bug in vSphere 5.1 affects display of historical metrics

VMware KB article 2042164 is entitled “Performance history for Past Year may contain only 30 days of information in vSphere 5.1.” As the title suggests, VMware is currently investigating an issue in vSphere 5.1 that results in:

  • Seeing only the last 30 days of performance history in the ‘past year’ view
  • Only one month of performance history appears when trying to see the past year

While this may not seem that significant at first — after all, it’s just historical information — when you delve a bit deeper, you may come to discover that this bug has the potential to be extremely serious for those that rely on these metrics to perform long-term capacity planning in the environment.

From an operational perspective, this bug is very low priority, though. It will not affect the ongoing performance of the vSphere environment. It will only affect long-term planning and analysis.

Keep an eye on VMware KB article 2042164 for more details on the status of this bug.

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