BYOD is the VDI killer app

VDI won’t say you any money.  If that is your reason for moving forward with VDI, stop now and reassess your goals.  VDI has too much in the way of upfront costs to be a significant money-saver.  However, there are still some really good business reasons to deploy VDI, such as enabling remote work and creating new opportunities by which end users can access their desktops.  Personally, I see major upside benefit to VDI in colleges and universities that want to provide 24/7 student access to computer labs from anywhere in the world.

However, for most businesses, I see VDI as being a major part of the solution when it comes to addressing BYOD concerns.  Employee-owned devices can simply be treated as hostile, Internet-based clients.  To access corporate resources, the employee uses an app, such as the VMware View Client.  All business information remains compartmentalized on server-based desktops in the data center while the employee is able to do his work from any device he wishes.

What do you think?  Do you think that BYOD initiatives will help to drive VDI adoption?

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