BYOD will help drive VDI adoption

Bring Your Own Device is an initiative in its infancy but it will quickly grow into a toddler and, eventually, into a full-fledged adult as the consumer technology space continues to invade what used to be sacrosanct enterprise space. Increasingly, organizations will need to find secure, consistent, reliable methods for delivering applications and services to a huge variety of devices, platforms and form factors. The uniting element will be a combination of virtual desktops provided by the organization and cloud services provisioned by the organization but hosted, well, in the cloud. Virtual desktops might include full desktops provisioned by tools such as VMware View or might be a more traditional shared server environment hosted on a tool such as Remote Desktop Services — formerly Terminal Services.

IT departments need to start thinking about these kinds of issues and turn them into opportunities to streamline work efforts, reduce costs and provide ways for the IT department to focus on the end result rather than hardware provisioning.
Written by: Scott Lowe, follow me on Twitter

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