Can a ban on consumer devices make your organization less secure?

We’ve all heard plenty over the last couple of years about the consumerization of IT. Some organizations have embraced it as a way to save money – if Joe brings in his own laptop that he bought with his own money, the company doesn’t need to provide him with one – whereas others have refused to even consider it because of security and control issues. Many businesses are desperately seeking a middle ground by allowing consumer devices but requiring compliance with policies designed to give the IT department some control over them.

This interesting article in ComputerWorld posits what many of us already knew: that consumerization is inevitable, whether companies like it or not. But it goes further, to stake the claim that a “just say no” attitude toward these consumer devices will actually have the opposite of the intended effect, making company networks less (rather than more) secure. It’s good idea to give it a read and consider the author’s points when making those policy decisions.

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