Can I ping a remote host/device from the Web GUI on a KEMP Load Master?

While deploying a KEMP Load Master load balancing solution some of you might have had the need to be able to ping one or more of the Exchange 2010 Client Access Servers in the Exchange 2010 CAS array, default gateways or other devices/hosts.You could of course accomplish this from the console itself, but what about doing a ping directly from the web GUI. Is that possible?

The answer is yes, but the feature is ahem! well hidden. After having logged on to the Load Master web GUI, do the following:

  • Expand “System Configuration
  • Expand “Logging Options


  • Click on the “Debug Options” button


And here we have the “Ping Host” feature:


Until later,

Henrik Walther
Technology Architect/Writer/MS Vendor
MCM: Exchange 2007 | MVP: Exchange Architecture


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