Celestix Launches Series of Security Apps Based on Microsoft ISA Firewalls

Celestix Networks, a developer of enterprise class security appliances, has announced the launch of seven different models of security appliances based on Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006. These purpose-built appliances are designed to meet the rigorous reliability, performance and management standards of businesses of all sizes.

The new MSA series will be based on Celestix’s fourth generation Scorpio X appliance platform. The Scorpio X has been finely tuned to provide one of the most compelling price/performance ratio of any Microsoft ISA Server 2006 hardware platform. It will support such features as dual-core processors, gigabit Ethernet interfaces, dual-channel DDR2 memory, a 1066 MHz system bus, PCI Express x1 I/O ports, and Serial ATA hard drives.

New software additions to the MSA series include an advanced update process that allows end customers to apply patches associated with the operating system, ISA Server 2006, or supported third-parties. In addition, the Last Good Version feature allows customers to restore their configurations back to a known working state. These combined features set a new standard for manageability and ease of use with ISA Server-based appliances.

Each Celestix security appliance is outfitted with a system locked pre-installation, which results in no requirement for an installation CD or licensing key. Initial configuration (setting IP addresses, etc.) is simplified with the use of a jog dial and LCD panel – a requirement in any datacenter. In disaster recovery scenarios, the jog dial can also be used as a one-button rollback mechanism to reset the unit to a factory default state. In addition, MSA appliances are configured with 6 front-facing network ports to enable multi-netting and ease cable connectivity.

MSA appliances are commonly deployed on an enterprise perimeter, and provide optimal protection when securing networks that run Microsoft operating system and Microsoft Server software, using both stateful packet inspection and deep application layer inspection engines. MSA appliances are often used to deliver URL and web filtering solutions by leveraging technology partners who integrate with ISA Server 2006. In addition, whether potentially connecting branch offices through VPNs or caching inbound/outbound LAN traffic, MSA devices provide the flexibility required for constantly evolving network requirements

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