Celestix MSA Series Appliances Integrated With Websense Web Security Suite

SAN DIEGO, April 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Websense, (Nachrichten) Inc. , a global leader in web security and web filtering productivity software, and Celestix Networks, a leading developer of managed Windows Server security appliances, today announced the integration of Websense(R) Web Security Suite(R) software with Celestix(R) MSA Appliances. Powered by Microsoft(R) Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004, Celestix MSA appliances combine the market-leading Websense Web Security Suite with a hardened Windows Server 2003 operating system, and the Celestix SlingShot(TM) management interface for a highly flexible and manageable security solution in an appliance form-factor.

Integrated with Websense Web Security Suite, Celestix MSA appliances deliver out-of-the-box internet security that protects small to mid-sized enterprise organizations from today’s advanced internet threats — offering customers the flexibility of Websense software with the ease-of-use of an appliance-based solution including faster deployment, a secure platform, and lower cost of ownership. Websense Web Security Suite is an award-winning internet security solution that protects organizations from emerging and existing web-based threats including spyware, malicious mobile code (MMC), phishing and pharming attacks.

Unlike some other solutions, Websense Web Security Suite also blocks spyware and keylogger backchannel communications from ever reaching their host servers. In addition, only Websense Web Security Suite includes the Websense Web Protection Services(TM) — SiteWatcher(TM), BrandWatcher(TM), and ThreatWatcher(TM) — to help protect organizations’ websites, brands, and web servers. All features of the Websense Security Suite, including Websense Enterprise(R), Real-Time Security Updates(TM), Instant Messaging (IM) Attachment Manager(TM), and others, are supported on the MSA Series Appliances.

"The combination of Websense Web Security Suite with powerful Microsoft firewall, VPN and caching capabilities on the MSA Series appliances provides customers with a compelling web security solution," said Steve Kelley, director of strategic alliances for Websense, Inc. "In addition to the powerful security offerings, the Celestix integration means faster deployment in customer environments, hardened operating systems that offer secure Websense platforms, as well as an overall lower cost of ownership."

"The proliferation of internet video and malicious websites is an increasing concern among network administrators because of bandwidth and security risks," said Jeff Falcon, a security engineer with CDW Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions and advice for businesses, government and educational institutions. "Combining Websense and Celestix into a single appliance simplifies deployment and makes network security easier to manage, freeing up time for administrators to focus energies on serving their users."

"At Celestix, we are extremely excited about our partnership with Websense. This relationship will allow us to address a larger market with the range of security features our customers have come to expect," noted Dr. Ravi Lingarkar, CEO of Celestix Networks. "In essence, we have given our customers a comprehensive security solution that can be installed and configured in less than 15 minutes."

Celestix is a member of the Websense Web Security Ecosystem(TM) — a comprehensive framework of technology integrations that provides enhanced security and ease of deployment of Websense web security solutions in enterprise environments. The Websense Web Security Ecosystem incorporates world-class security and networking technologies, including internet gateways, network access control, security event management, identity management, and appliance platforms. Through seamless integration with more than forty different technology solutions, the Websense Web Security Ecosystem helps organizations identify and mitigate web-based threats and vulnerabilities.

For a free 30-day evaluation of Websense software or for more information on protecting your organization from a wide range of threats including spyware, peer-to-peer, virus outbreaks and internal hacking exploits, please visit http://www.websense.com/. Websense Security Labs(TM) offers free email security updates as new internet threats are discovered and is available at http://www.websensesecuritylabs.com/.

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