Cemaphore Issues First Beta Release of MailShadow for Google Apps

-Solution that Fully Synchronizes Microsoft® Outlook® and Gmail now being tested in early beta release-

San Mateo, Calif.—May 15, 2008—Cemaphore Systems has launched the first phase in its beta program for MailShadow® for Google Apps (MailShadowG) this week. MailShadowG provides real time synchronization between Outlook/Exchange email, calendars and contacts, and Gmail™. In all, more than 2000 respondents have registered to participate in the beta1 program, far exceeding the company’s expectations, with new participants registering each day.

As anticipated, Cemaphore has issued the initial beta1 release to a field of several hundred participants. Development is track for the public beta2 launch to happen next month. Cemaphore continues to invite interested users to register for that program.

As has been widely reported in industry press, MailShadowG is the first web services—based email continuity and disaster recovery solution to fully utilize the robust Google Apps cloud-based services. MailShadowG provides e-mail users with continuity, content management, and portability of their rich email.  MailShadow’s transaction-based architecture synchronizes all content bi-directionally in real-time.  Content is protected and can be viewed transparently from Outlook or via Google’s web interfaces for Gmail, contacts and Google Calendar™.

“It is clear that our focus on ‘Continuity in the Cloud’ is resonating strongly,” said Tyrone Pike, Cemaphore President and CEO.  “The ability to deliver the highest level of e-mail continuity in the cloud with zero infrastructure will have a major impact on the way that the entire market manages and archives e-mail content in the future. We see this having an impact on SMBs, consumers and even large enterprises, as validated by the types of customers who are responding to our beta request. We are seeing strong interest from all of these sectors.”

Company officials again confirmed that following this summer’s launch of MailShadowG for Gmail customers, Cemaphore is committed to providing additional web services—based MailShadow solutions for other key Email Service Providers as well.

About Cemaphore Systems, Inc.
Cemaphore Systems delivers unprecedented email continuity, disaster recovery and content management for enterprises that demand greater uptime for their email systems. Able to synchronize mail, calendars and contacts from disparate systems, Cemaphore’s flagship product, MailShadow, ensures the availability, integrity and reliability of email. A companion product, GeoShadow™, indexes and archives unstructured email content, enabling instant retrieval of email content and attachments from mobile devices. Cemaphore’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering lets companies link Microsoft Outlook to external email service providers like Google, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure. Global enterprises trust Cemaphore to keep business-critical systems running.

For additional information, please call (650) 227-5400 or visit the company’s Web site at www.cemaphore.com.

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