Using the new Change History (Preview) feature with Azure

A new feature was introduced in Microsoft Azure called Change History, and it helps a lot when troubleshooting and auditing resources deployment/changes in Microsoft Azure. We can see the feature in action when performing a new deployment Azure DevOps in a virtual network resource. When checking the Activity log, we can see an update on the virtual network. We can see that a service principal account initiated the change from Azure DevOps.

Change History (Preview)

When we double click on the entry, we have a new tab called Change History (Preview), and it provides a summary of all changes, the change type and the previous and new value.


We can also click on a specific entry, and a new blade showing the JSON changes from the before and now will be displayed. We can see the new block of JSON code that I added to the ARM template to introduce the new DB Subnet.

Change History (Preview)

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