Changing Database options in Exchange Server 2010

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 when you are working on Mailbox or Public Folder Databases you open the Exchange Management Console, navigate to the Server Configuration in the Navigation Pane, select the appropriate server and select the Mailbox or Public Folder Database.
Right there you can create new Storage Groups, create new Databases, mount or dismount Databases or move the Database path or the Log Files path.

In Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft made a considerable amount of changes to the database configuration. Databases are no longer tied to a specific server but they are tied to the Exchange Organization. This is also the reason that Mailbox Database names now need to be unique in the entire Exchange organization, and that you’ll see a strange name like “mailbox database 83618472.edb” for the default Mailbox Database.
For Managing the Mailbox Databases you open the Exchange Server 2010 Management Console and navigate to the Organization Configuration in the Navigation Pane and select the Databases tab. In the results pane you’ll see an overview of all your Mailbox and Public Folder databases in your Exchange Organization. Right here you can create new Databases, mount of dismount Databases and move the Database path or the Log Files path.If you accidentally navigate to the Server Configuration in the Exchange Management Console, you’ll also see the Mailbox and Public Folder Databases, but you right click a Database the only option available is “Help”.

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