Cisco Crosswork offers new framework for modern networking

Cisco recently unveiled a new automated framework that is made to support intelligent modern networking. Cisco Crosswork is basically the company’s solution for helping service providers keep up with changing modern networks. It’s built on three main pillars: mass awareness, augmented intelligence, and proactive control. Here’s a bit about each of these principles so you can get an idea of what Cisco Crosswork is all about and what it aims to provide for users.

Mass awareness

The first pillar behind Cisco Crosswork is mass awareness, so you can know what’s happening across your network in order to use it effectively. These networks contain tons of data. But in the past, you could only see little bits and pieces. So Cisco Crosswork collects information from across the entire network, including all devices and technology from all of your vendors, giving you a fuller picture of what’s happening and what actions might need to be taken on your end.

Augmented intelligence

But Cisco Crosswork doesn’t just deliver that raw data to you with no context. Instead, it takes the data it collects and makes it work for you by actually providing insights that can help you run your network more efficiently and intelligently. That’s where the second principle, augmented intelligence, comes in. The company has integrated machine learning into the platform in order to make sense of the data it collects from your network to help you refine your network processes continuously.

Proactive control

Then the third pillar of Cisco Crosswork is proactive control, which is meant to help users manage their networks more efficiently, rather than constantly playing catch up. It consists of a technology that provides predictive insights and enables a comprehensive overview of the entire system. You can even introduce consistent changes and precisely control your operations, even down to each individual network slice.

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