New Cisco-Google hybrid cloud brings cloud and on-premises environments together

Cisco and Google just announced a new partnership on a new open hybrid cloud solution that spans on-premises environments with Google Cloud Platform. The Cisco-Google hybrid cloud aims to be a complete solution for users to develop, run, secure, and monitor their workloads. This will allow developers to create new applications in the cloud or on-premises using a consistent set of tools, runtime, and environment.

Here’s more information about the new offering and the different ways developers can use it.

On-premises services

The Cisco-Google hybrid cloud should enable app developers to build modern services they can scale and use to extend their reach while consuming data locked into on-premises systems. This can allow enterprises to get up and running in the cloud at their own pace while preserving existing on-premises investments, instead of rushing the cloud transfer process.

Hybrid services

Cisco-Google hybrid cloud

Developers will also have the ability to use the Cisco Private Cloud Infrastructure to deploy and manage container clusters with Kubernetes. With the help of a GCP service catalog, you can configure applications to use remote services, even if you don’t have detailed knowledge about how those services are created or managed. You can also use to provide runtime metrics, operational insights, and service dependency graphs across hybrid environments.

Local execution

If you want to roll out changes quickly and build services that you can easily move across hybrid environments, the new hybrid cloud tool can help you do just that. More specifically, it enables development teams to use Container Engine to develop and roll out the production of apps, while targeting the right environment for their application’s specific needs.

How to use the Cisco-Google hybrid cloud

The new Cisco-Google cloud offering is going to include hardware, software, and cloud components. You can purchase these components together or separately, depending on the specific needs of your organization. Some of the software is also going to be licensed for annual subscriptions. You can purchase Google Cloud services directly through Google or authorized resellers.

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