Cisco launches new server that integrates with Skype

Cisco Systems, Inc. announced the launch of its Cisco Meeting Server which aims to make connecting with others painless and smooth.

The Cisco Meeting Server will make it easier to connect people using Cisco video rooms with people who are using Skype for Business, or any other conferencing tools such as Polycom, Avaya, mobile client, or a WebRTC-enabled browser, as it is as simple as clicking on a link.

“Connecting should not be hard. But it has been, because certain vendors’ technologies have not played well with standards-based technologies, like Cisco’s industry-leading video systems. We just fixed that, and the impact is huge,” said Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM of Cisco’s IoT and Applications Groups. “Just as you don’t think twice about whether an iPhone can call a Samsung Galaxy, enterprises need to know that everyone can join the meeting. And now they can.”

Aside from connecting people using different platforms, the Cisco Meeting Server also promises to deliver a consistent, familiar experience no matter what platform is used; bandwidth is optimized between sites thereby reducing bandwidth cost. It is also built to work best with lower-cost, standard Cisco UCS hardware, but is flexible so companies can add servers as needed and is designed to support small organizations with few employees as well as organizations with thousands of employees. A simple user-based licensing model allows companies to scale as needed, and it adheres to the most stringent security models.

Cisco Meeting Server is now available–and no matter where you’re located, they’ve got you covered; Cisco can provide financing in over 100 countries.

Cisco and Microsoft are competitors in the communications business, but this new server will help businesses better focus on things that matter instead of wondering what tools to use to communicate with clients and partners. Also, this could lead to better communication between products and services, which is needed especially now that more devices connect to the Internet.

Image source: Cisco

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