Cisco at Networking Field Day 9

Last week the ACI group at Cisco participated in the ninth Networking Field Day. If you’re not familiar with Networking Field Day it is an offshoot of Tech Field Day and is run by Stephen Foskett. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in three Storage Field Days and it’s an awesome experience chock full of tech. Lucky for us, even if you can’t participate in person, all of it is recorded and the videos are posted on Vimeo and YouTube.

Joe Onisick, Carly Stoughton, and Soni Jiandani from the ACI group all participate in this presentation. Carly Stoughton white boards the heck out of Cisco ACI giving a very succinct and easily understandable description of hos this SDN solution works. I highly recommend checking it out and also following all the Tech Field Day events.

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